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NCAA Football 2022


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On 03/08/2021 at 16:46, Marshmallo said:

Feels a bit of a strange one with realignment taking such a centre stage and the playoff being a dead man walking atm. Can't wait for it though.

The Solid Verbal's season preview podcasts are excellent and well worth a listen.

No idea why this was red dotted, then I seen it was from the utter w**k 8mileBU and it all became clearer. 

hopeful the Buckeyes can put together a playoff season. 

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Three FBS games this weekend but it looks like we're only getting the second half of one of them live (Hawaii @ UCLA). We're also getting Alcorn State @ NC Central which is two HBCUs.

I'd imagine they'll show the Hawaii @ UCLA game in full later in the week in a repeat.

Nebraska @ Illinois probably the best game of the weekend but given it's on Fox in the States, we won't get it. Slightly concerned this will be the case fairly often with bigger Big 10 games which are often picked for the noon slot on Fox.

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On 28/08/2021 at 18:55, ClathyDave said:

Hoping to visit the Horseshoe for the first time in two weeks for the visit of Oregon. Looking forward to a full stadium and my first tailgating experience, and it’s only a twenty minute walk from the hoose 🍻 

That sounds fantastic. Disappointingly it's not one of BT's live games.

I was at the Ohio State / Clemson semi final a couple of years ago and it was tremendous.

Buckeyes to win by a couple of touchdowns I reckon.

Enjoy 👍

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Another poor performance from the buckeye defense yesterday, CJ Verdell destroyed us in the first half.

A few people over here are blaming CJ Stroud which I think is a bit unfair. It’s his second start in college football, completed about 66% of his passes, and he threw a few touchdowns as well. His interception near the end was a bit daft, and he had a couple of overthrown passes, but the defense should shoulder the blame for the loss.

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