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NCAA Football 2021


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Happy Alabama lost. But it's stuff like this that make me hate the current CFP structure.

The National Champions are meant to be the best team in the FBS, yet lost their conference championship game (to the team they beat tonight). You can't simultaneously be the best team in the country and the second best team in your conference - that makes very little sense.

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I really enjoyed that season, and I remember how excited I was for the predictions. There were a lot of new players, so it was very interesting to follow their debut and find out who are they. It was interesting because the new generation is well trained. It is easy to understand that majority of them have graduated from Football Colleges. On footballcolleges.com, you can find information about these Colleges, and you will understand that they are well trained there and are gaining a great discipline in this domain which makes them champions.

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CFP has rejected the proposed 12 team post-season format & will remain at 4 teams through 2025.

Ngl the half arsed playoff dulls some of my interest in the FBS. It's tinpot pish when all other football divisions & indeed sports have fully fledged playoffs.

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