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2 hours ago, Killiepiyo said:

Think folk would accept old clip art as long as the results tables etc are up to date. Rest of the site could be fancy but the information what’s important I think in this area

Fixtures, Results and Tables are the main thing - up to date as soon as possible after the whistles have gone.  I can't think why anyone would disagree with that.

Anything else is a bonus. 

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1 hour ago, console259 said:

The guy running this is obviously a good guy doing his best but obviously isn't suitable for running the website. 

This needs to be a stand alone job for someone.  Ditch the stupid amateur looking  purple background,  keep it basic and modern looking and updated swiftly and people will be happy it isn't difficult even the junior administration managed it. 

3 posts,  each one designed to antagonise. 

What is the actual matter with you? 

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Sounds like someone is putting his name forward for the website job ! Probably a modern day fan who wants everything done yesterday, but doesn't actually help at all. Think the fixtures , k.o times are important, results sometime in the evening (on a Sat) We can usually get stuff from each clubs website IF we are impatient. 

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This doesn't help with the website issue but there is a program called Ltrack where you can make up your own league. If you enter the results it will make up the league table for you which may help people keep track of the standings without looking at the website


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3 hours ago, Shanner said:

this is a bit odd



User error, you've clicked on the club heading to sort the top 6 by name. Though not really sure why it needs to be sortable.

BTW if the website person reads this you might want to remove the overflow-x:auto from the .sp-scrollable-table-wrapper class so that scroll bar disappears from the small tables (can't work out what's causing it but that's certainly a fix!). And Division 4 has the full WDL + FA in the small table instead of just P GD Pts.

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23 hours ago, peasy23 said:

Looks like we are on a new host/server as the loading time is much quicker today and the address is different.

Moved it to wpengine on Saturday, will repoint the domains when I’m back home

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10 hours ago, Stants1902 said:

If you go to www.wosfl.co.uk it does re-direct to the new domain

For about 6 hours there was no link, but it's good to see that fixed.

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Still some idiosyncrasies, such as why are the latest results for Div 4 on the LAST page when all the other divs/conferences are on the first?
That should hopefully now be sorted Archie. Good spot, missed that.
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