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He honestly couldnt be any worse than the 3 in front of him. He did well for us and is wasted on the Celtic bench/stand 
Did well in the Lowland League when he was there on loan, see how much use that's going to be for the Colts teams.
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Absolute minter for Celtic to lose against a Hearts’ side that was playing for a draw. The defending from that set piece was absolutely criminal and Bain’s positioning should see his contact torn up.

Bangingme was tremendous in the middle of the park for Hearts and it was brilliant for Souttar to get the winner. He’s in the Scotland team right now if it wasn’t for the serious injuries.

Sevco will win the league by about 40 points.

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A few thoughts on watching that:-

1) If I was a Celtic fan right now, apart from being rightly p'd off about what's going on around the club, I'd be booing Edouard to f**k right now.  What a pitiful., couldn't care less performance and if he had been playing for my club right now, I'd be demanding he be punted.  Absolute shitehawk and to be quite frank if that is worth £9 million or more, the likes of Hibs should absolutely be bleating about Premier League clubs down south wanting to sign their talent for buttons

2) Does Starfelt's debut rank as one of the worst defensive debuts since Du Wei.  From what I saw, someone like Dane Murray at the age of 16 could do a far better job. 

3) He may have scored, but from what I could see Tony Ralston is nowhere near what you need as a right back.  Struggled to cope with Mackay-Steven and when you compare to Tavernier, well, frankly little comparison.

4) Far too early to judge, but if Postecoglou has had any input on those signings, from what I've seen I'd be deeply concerned, albeit clearly too early to judge.  Every department of the team needs looking at and even then those that have come in would hardly fill me with confidence

5) Scott Bain v Craig Gordon - how on earth did that become a contest...  Should be embarassed with previous administrations letting Gordon go and having rank average Randy Hogan style jobbers filling in what is an important position

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If ever there was an example the difference a good keeper makes the last 5 minutes of that game was it.

The last time we lost an opening day fixture was in Wim Jansens tenure, we lost the first 2. Maybe it’s an omen 🤨🤦‍♂️


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2 minutes ago, gaz5 said:

I don't know what was funnier, one of Celtics 3 shite keepers selling the jerseys, or the best keeper they had and let go keeping them out at the other end.

2 poor teams, great to hear Walker whine.

What's the shortest OF managerial reign?

He wasn’t ‘let go’ he turned down a new contract. That save from the corner at the end though I couldn't help but laugh.
Shite to to lose it but A cracking game for the neutral  

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