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English Premier League 2021/22 Season

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2 hours ago, Brummie Clyde said:

Aren't Burnley buggered financially if they go down as well?

Yeah they've got a Covid support loan from the EPL which will be immediately repayable if they get relegated. I'm not sure if they'll actually have to pay them anything or if their parachute payment will just have a big chunk taken out of it. 

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4 hours ago, throbber said:

470/1 for all teams to score in premiership today 

Even with Watford at Chelsea and Norwich at Spurs I don't see that happening!

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3 hours ago, greendot said:

Even with Watford at Chelsea and Norwich at Spurs I don't see that happening!

Probably not - the goals always fly in on final day of season and I put this bet on every year. We should all do it, it’s fun.

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12 minutes ago, Merkland Red said:

What we saying then? Tottenham to shit the bed and Arsenal to have a scoreless draw with Everton?

That would be peak Arsenal this season. 

I can see Spurs slipping up though. This is exactly the sort of fixture they have a tendency to trip over. 

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So here we are, the end of another incredible season. 

It's always a bittersweet occasion when fixture 38 rolls around. I think back to all the wonderful moments throughout the season; the goals, the saves, the drama and how, throughout all the depressing news headlines, the Barclays English Prem is always there to turn to. I'm so grateful to the 20 clubs that have made up this fine institution and although I'm sad that it's over, I have to consider just how happy I am that it happened at all.

As we go into these last fixtures I think everyone should take a moment to consider just how lucky we are to have this on our doorstep. Indeed, I moved back from Australia as the time difference made watching these games very difficult and it was putting strain on my marriage. She still left me, but it was a good decision nonetheless.

Anyway, for the last time this season...




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