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Went to Dalbeattie vs Civil Service Strollers today. I was very glad I was on the sidelines rather than having to run about the park for 90 minutes so credit to both sets of players for putting on an entertaining and competitive game. Strollers played some decent stuff but ultimately lacked a bit of quality in the final third. Dalbeattie exceeded my expectations, knocked it about well and made the better of the chances by far. Well worth the three points.


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Interesting insight from elsewhere:


The Lowland League used to subscribe to a system called we-soccer. Every club was issued with a device from which they were obliged to upload team lines, goals, cards and substitutions to the we-soccer website. Some teams did so assiduously. Some paid lip service to it. It is still on the Live Scores part of the LL website but no teams used it yesterday.

The LL may try to give an impression of professionalism. The reality is different. Their corporate communication and PR is poor. That of clubs varies according to the availability of volunteers. When a club has no fan base then it will be hard to find anyone to look after that side of things, and that applies to half a dozen of their member clubs.


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