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How many countries in the world have a footballer as their best ever male sportsman?

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Haiti have a decent footballing pedigree considering the things that seem to happen in the country. The footballer seems an easy win for Emmanuel Sanon - Wikipedia however, who scored for them at the World Cup in 1974 and scored 37 goals in 65 appearances. 

Outside of football, Silvio Cator - Wikipedia won silver in the long jump at the 1928 Olympics. Andre Berto - Wikipedia is a successful boxer born to Haitian parents, but born and raised in Florida so I'm not going to count him. Jean Pascal - Wikipedia is a similar story but Canadian. There are some others in American football and basketball, the best of which seemingly being Samuel Dalembert - Wikipedia who had a middling NBA career. What's the script here? An old footballer versus an even older long jumper and an unremarkable basketball player? Seems like a toss up to me, I think that scoring record for the national team is more impressive.

Honduras sees Maynor Figueroa - Wikipedia still playing today. Wilson Palacios - Wikipedia briefly played at a higher level but didn't achieve as much. Wilmer Velásquez - Wikipedia is the all time top scorer in the Honduran league and spent his whole career there. I think Figueroa is the choice here, he played at the higher level for longest and has the most caps for his country.

I'm a bit surprised that Honduras don't have any boxing pedigree. Their best non-footballer seems to be the sprinter Rolando Palacios - Wikipedia, who's won a bunch of Central American championship medals but nothing at a higher level. I think Figueroa's cap total and long career in the Premier League is more impressive here.

Hong Kong have a spotty history given their relationship with China. Their best players all seem to have been based in their home league, so there's little to choose between them. Chan Siu Ki - Wikipedia is their leading scorer and second in the all-time cap list. He also seems to have been a defender and a striker, so I'll pick him.

Cheung Ka Long - Wikipedia is an Olympic and world champion fencer which seems to be better than all of their footballers. The only other men to win an Olympic medal for Hong Kong was in the doubles in table tennis, and most of their best athletes seem to be women. 

Hungary have a fascinating footballing history, but their best is obviously Ferenc Puskás - Wikipedia

Tamás Darnyi - Wikipedia was a multiple Olympic and world champion swimmer, named Hungarian Sportsman of the Year 5 times. László Papp - Wikipedia was a three time Olympic champion in boxing across two different weight classes. Shaolin Sándor Liu - Wikipedia is an Olympic, world and European champion speed skater. Krisztián Berki - Wikipedia is an Olympic, world and European champion gymnast. I think Darnyi is the best of the non-footballers but I don't think he compares to Puskas. Any complaints?

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For Hungary, Dezső Gyarmati is regarded as one of the greatest ever water polo players. 3 Olympic golds, 1 silver and 1 bronze, and 2 European golds.

He was so good, he was regarded as the best player in every position in the team. He also went on to coach Hungary to medals at 3 successive Olympics, and multiple World and European titles.

I don't know if that would put him ahead of Puskas, but he'd certainly be in with a shout

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