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WOSFL Conference C 2021-2022

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Ardrossan Winton Rovers
Drumchapel United
East Kilbride Thistle
Glasgow Perthshire
Kilsyth Rangers
Lanark United
Larkhall Thistle
St. Anthony's
St. Roch's
Vale of Clyde
Vale of Leven
Yoker Athletic

Opening round of fixtures:

Neilston vs Wishaw
Ardrossan Winton Rovers vs Vale of Leven
Vale of Clyde vs St. Roch's
St. Anthony's vs Kilsyth Rangers
Lanark United vs Larkhall Thistle
Petershill vs Drumchapel United
East Kilbride Thistle vs Glasgow Perthshire

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1 hour ago, GNU_Linux said:

EK Thistle vs Glasgow Perthshire has been moved to K-Park home of Lowland League East Kilbride FC. Ongoing groundwork at the Showpark from what I can gather.

I think it's actually being played at Carluke.

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I watched Yoker Athletic fairly recently...I think if they can find someone to convert the chances and "tap-ins" they create in their lead up play they might surprise a few folk.

There,...I've put the hex on the Whe Ho as well, now...

Sorry lads, maybe next season, eh ?

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On 14/07/2021 at 15:32, Craig the Hunter said:

Can't wait to get stated with a trip down the coast in the sun!

Bring a hat and yer factor 50....cracking here this morning. As far as I know you'll be able to enjoy a cool refreshment as well at WP. Mind the Covid protocols = better safe than sorry

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2 hours ago, Craig the Hunter said:

Ardrossan Winton Rovers 0-0 Vale of Leven.

Delighted with the point on the road. And what a glorious day it was for a game. Thanks to AWR for their hospitality. 


Was no far from the bar for the entire game....sunburnt....I was the boy shouting for Winter fitba.......only kidding....


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How does promotion and relegation work in the new set up?
One team are promoted from each Conference into the Premier Division.

Seven teams come down from the Premier and join with the 2nd, 3rd and 4th placed teams in each Conference to form Division One.

5th to 9th in each Conference forms Division Two, plus the best record 10th placed team.

All other teams form Division Three.

I think.
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