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Scottish Cup 2021/22

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Haddington currently 1-0 up at Brechin and looking the better team just now.  Total f*** up of a defensive pass across the field under no pressure, intercepted. 😔

Eta: 1-1 now, much better start to the 2nd half.

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10 minutes ago, greendot said:

Not often you see a pair of Buchanan's getting a pair of cards each.  Liam following Robbie off the pitch.



And Cowden 3-2 down now with quarter of an hour left.


Edited to add: make that 4-2 down now. 

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Edinburgh City, Bonnyrigg Rose, Annan, and Stirling Albion are the four favourites I'll be chucking on the coupon today

Two ties I'm most interested in are Brora vs Albion and Stranraer vs Darvel

Hoping for a good day of cup action!

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Well done the giant killers, CSS, Tranent, Darvel and Banks O'Dee, all beating teams from  a higher tier..

I was at Preston v Talbot today.  The home side fought well despite playing three quarters of the game with 10 men.  Talbot gradually took control in the second half and finally got their goals in the last 15 minutes, without having really tested the home keeper before then.

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8 minutes ago, SLClyde said:

Given Darvels squad is it really that big a surprise they beat Stranraer today? 

Perhaps not purely on the basis of budget but Darvel were getting scudded by all comers in the WOS Division until about 4 weeks ago and their season looked like becoming an expensive disaster.  They've done well to turn things around so dramatically. 


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The gap in quality between SPFL2 and the top half of the LL, EoS and WoS premier is not that great so really anyone other than maybe Kelty is liable to get knocked out at this stage if they have an off day or meet a club as financially doped as Darvel are.

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On 21/10/2021 at 13:54, Ginaro said:
      Home Away Gap  
Annan Athletic v Jeanfield Swifts 2842 2799 43 Draw
Brora Rangers v Albion Rovers 2837 2776 61 Draw
Cowdenbeath v Civil Service Strollers 2712 2713 -1 Draw
Dalbeattie Star v Rothes 2489 2755 -266


Stranraer v Darvel 2866 2913 -47 Draw

Only these games didn't go the way that was predicted - even then Annan did what was expected with home advantage, and Darvel were slight favourites going by the rankings.

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2 hours ago, Skyline Drifter said:

Not a good day for the Buchanan boys with Gregor also getting a red card for Dumbarton!


The Dumbarton squad looking like a nomination for the Heads Gone thread as well with 3 reds in that match!

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