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G'Day! Ange's Gap Year Celtic Euro Backpacking Tour 2021/22.

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2 minutes ago, Empty It said:
6 minutes ago, hearthammer said:
Why is it that the fans of either cheek start to spout their songs of bile more vociferously when they're getting beat/gubbed ??   It's like an act of defiance and all they have left to show that they're the core support of their team.
The Kamara racism booing was correctly called out by BT, but they, like every other broadcaster, turn a deef lug to the bile spouted every Saturday/Sunday during domestic games.
When it suits, it would appear.

You're not suggesting they actually take a stand and point out the bigotry spouted by both these stains on Scottish football?

Seems to be de rigeur in Europe, but, for some strange, unknown reason, the same levels of disgust do not apply when it comes to Scottish football games.

Baith are living off the "core" fans and to banish them would destroy their very financial being.

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18 minutes ago, Mr. Alli said:

You've been gifted those chances and missed them. They tore you apart for the second and didn't miss the first chance. That's the difference. 

It's alarming not only spending £4m on Starfelt but repeatedly seeing him being bodied and continuing to pick him. 

This Postecoglou fella is a mile out of his depth. 

It’s not Europe he will be ultimately judged on as the truth is we have been poor at this level for quite some time. Not saying that is right but it’s the way it is.


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