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G'Day! Ange's Gap Year Celtic Euro Backpacking Tour 2021/22.

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12 minutes ago, Jinky67 said:

Yeah would have took a point before that game but come away feeling it should be 3.


That’s my thinking, the fact they have already beaten Leipzig away would have them  firm favourites for 2nd now.  I said I would have taken 3rd anyway though. 

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26 minutes ago, stressball said:


Feels like a defeat.


26 minutes ago, DAFC. said:

How the f-ck have Celtic not won that? Never mind just winning it, they should have absolutely hammered that lot tonight. That’ll be the result that comes back and bites Celtic on the arse.

Hope so

19 minutes ago, Doctor Manhattan said:

Coulda, shoulda; wisnae.


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1 hour ago, Mr. Alli said:

I never realised Shakhtar had 6 away games. Be some going to get second in the group with that.

I don’t think Donetsk have played a home game for years, it was one of the first places Russia annexed before the full on assault. I’m sure they ended up playing the other side of the country in Lviv before having to go in to Poland of late for the European games.

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I was a few rows behind the banners so was unaware of what they said, just back in the hotel and catching up on social media and seen what they said  absolutely fucking magnificent, outstanding in fact, the social media meltdowns they are provoking from the predictable outlets confirms job well and truly done.

Great couple of days in Warsaw, a stunning city with lovely people, would definitely return again. 

Should have won the game really given the chances we created but a good point if, and it's a big if that we beat Shaktar Donetsk at Celtic Park, need some shut eye now, about eight hours sleep in two days and I have a flight at 6.30 am,  night everyone from your humble narrator here in the Radison Blu Sobieski hotel in Warsaw. 

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