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The Hamilton Academical Thread

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To 'celebrate' our return to the Championship, I reckon we need a fresh new thread to discuss all things Academical. Also, Rodger has either fucked off or been banned so the other thread is looking old and out of date.


Hello to everyone in the Championship. Strangely looking forward to it. I'm sure that feeling will disappear after the first couple of games but for now I'm remaining positive.

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Jesus, is that Get To f**k day already? How time flies.

Greetings Championship brothers, looking forward to welcoming you all to NDP next season. And to visiting your fine establishments

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20 minutes ago, Patrick Bateman said:

Still early days of course, but I can see us finishing in any one of the ten places in this league and none of the placings would surprise me.

We're just that much of an unknown quantity at the moment, playing squad and management team both.

Is Rice not still in place? I thought he signed an extended contract last season.

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1 minute ago, jagfox BLM said:

Is Rice not still in place? I thought he signed an extended contract last season.

Yes, he did.

I was referring to the fact that although it didn't work out for him in the Premiership, the Championship may be a different story. Maybe he'll feel less pressure and set the team up in a better/more attacking way? Make less baffling team selections/substitutions? I'm just thinking out loud TBH.

I'm not as down on him as most are, but he really needs to have a strong start to the campaign or the knives will be out super early.

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5 hours ago, Patrick Bateman said:

Scott McMann away to Mansfield?

Again, like Callachan, not that bothered he's away. Always saw him as more of an athlete than a footballer.

Hopefully get a few signings in this week.


5 hours ago, accies1874 said:

I thought he'd be able to get a better move than that. Tbh he probably could've gone there before he became good.

Mansfield have a bit of money tbf and they’ll be aiming for automatic promotion to league 1.

But yeah Millwall or Hibs would be a much better move for him. Oh well wait and see.

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Imo there's no way in hell Fulton isn't our no. 1 next season, and tbh I have some faith in him. Smith no. 3 and a signing as no. 2. I'd rather Smith got a loan as first choice somewhere though.

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5 minutes ago, YER SISTERS YER MAW said:

I don't have a problem with Fulton being no1. I doubt we'd be able to attract anyone better in the Championship on the wages we pay.

Not sure you’ll be as skint in the Championship as you think of this is what you were comfortable doing last year…

After the Scottish Premiership fixtures announced in the month of July. The details of all clubs wage bills gathered from trusted sources. They will be updated during the January transfer window when clubs signed new players. 

Scottish Premiership Clubs Wage Bills 2020-21


Wage Bill

Maximum Players Salary (Per Year)


£60 million



£42.5 million



£15 million


Dundee United

£5 million



£4.75 million



£5.4 million



£6 million



£3.65 million



£3.25 million


Ross County

£3 million


St Johnstone

£3.45 million


St Mirren

£4.25 million


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'Trusted Sources' = some guy online or down the pub.

Absolutely no chance is/was anyone at Accies on £135k a year

We paid buttons for Premiership level, most of Accies squad is probably on similar or less than what most of Championship clubs pay their players.

On being back in the Championship forum - some decent away days if allowed but I don't hold out much hope for a title challenge of any kind.

We may be back down here for some time.

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  • Twiggy changed the title to Imrie to be named new hamilton manager

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