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4 hours ago, cowdenbeath said:

See Kelty are having Category A games next season wonder what they’ll be.

I would imagine you guys will be one of them! The first time Cowden have been a Category A game.

Maybe City too because Karen of Ainslie Park had told the Fife polis about the Garage Crew :lol:

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13 hours ago, cowdenbeath said:

See Kelty are having Category A games next season wonder what they’ll be.

On the optimistic assumption that attendance at matches may be allowed. There will be a new variant to justify continued restrictions.

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Good start to the squad building for the season ahead. Kept the 3 main players for me being Morrisson/Mango/Swann.

We have addressed our goalscorer situation by bringing in experience and poacher bucks. We have addressed our gk situation by bringing in a young hungry gk with good full time football behind him and some games at a higher level. 

My issue i think moving forward is that when analysing the squad it needs more freshness in an attacking sense. If we are to challenge for top 4 which will be the aim make no mistake.

Perhaps we could have freshened up more by letting some players who have been with us a long time go and freshen up those positions with new blood but the grass isnt always greener no guarantee for example letting a mullen go that you would find a better right back. Thats garys job to weigh that up.

I would for sure look at an attacking midfielder or wide player who can get us up the pitch and be dangerous on the counter. E.g brian fairbairn/marc mckenzie esque. These types of players are out there and would be key to how we attack teams and thus create chances for renton/bucks.

Another forward is obviously required as we cant just go with 2. Most likely a loan deal but our loans must be better im thinking of poor loans in shape of olly hamilton for example nowhere near good enough and to a degree zander miller wasnt up to scratch.

Other squads will be better on paper in this league but theres not much between teams in league 2. Stirling have made some good signings and will be better. Stenny will for sure be better but cant see them being top 2 side.

Kelty will make some big signings on top of what they have already done so I would imagine they would begin as favourites alongside Edinburgh.

Top 4 finish should be our aim and we will need more quality to achieve this. Otherwise its mid table at best.


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Probably my last post on here for a while, though I'm hoping to get up for a game again once the season is finally under way.

But what do you reckon? Three or four signings away from being a team capable of challenging for the play-offs, or the potential for another season looking over the shoulder and the worrying about the threat of relegation?

I just hope fans can get back to enjoying the matchday experience once again, meeting up with old mates, doing what we've always done, for generations, no matter the weather, or result.

And that a few more quality signings can be made to give Cowden fans a bit of optimism going into what will surely be another intriguing campaign.

Mon the Coo

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