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27 minutes ago, big al said:

Buchanan looked good upfront, clever player and looks a great signing.

First time I have seen Hutton and he didn’t influence the game at all.

Bobby Barr ok first half then faded.

The goalie had a decent enough game. 

Of the old players, thought Todd had a very uncomfortable afternoon, the rest were ok. Robbie Buchanan had some good link play at times and had a decent game. 

Almost all of Brechin chances came from the left side of Cowden defence.

Probably did enough in the 90 to win the game.


Aye,Mullen was poor today

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15 hours ago, ronaldincoo said:

It is indeed. Looked good in attack but we gave the ball away way too often in bad positions today. God only knows what Todd was thinking when he gave away the penalty. He was mince today. Don't really understand Bollan's reluctance to put on any subs when it was clear as day that players were flagging in the heat. 

Toddy was probably thinking it wisnae me it was Bertie.




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11 hours ago, Lichtie78 said:

Thoughts on Chris Hamilton?

One of our best loan signings of recent times. Played in the middle of a three man defence for us but think Hearts want him played as a defensive midfielder.

Very positionally aware, not the tallest but a good jump on him and covers every blade of grass.

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