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League Cup 21/22 - Group F

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Regardless of the scoreline I've been impressed with us there. We've matched Motherwell comfortably and limited them to a couple of half chances. Their best one a result of a bad pass by ourselves.

0-0 would be a fairer reflection at HT but then I've watched so many of our games recently where I've said that and we go in behind so I'm delighted to see us go in 2 ahead.

Hopefully our old curse doesn't strike again...

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QOS deserve to be in front. 2-0 maybe flatters them but when u defend like we have or more accurately have not then you get what u deserve. We have been a shambles in defence and already looking like a long season ahead 🤷‍♂️

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It's been an even game with Well dominating the possession but not doing a great deal with it.   Our makeshift defence is coping reasonably well and look much more composed than last year's Captain Calamity led version.   Both of Paton's goals were well taken but looked saveable.  

I thought we were maybe even going to get through a game without a commentator referring to Wullie as "the veteran", but temptation got the better of this guy after half an hour.


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Mental challenge to make when your on a yellow.
It's a yellow all day. Add it to the one in the first half where he could have been booked it really is incredible he hasn't been sent off.
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