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SPFL Trust Trophy (aka Challenge Cup)

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The SPFL Trust Trophy, formerly the Challenge Cup,  will apparently not include Welsh, ROI,  N. Irish or English teams when it next commences.  

Is this a good or bad thing?  

Is the Trophy even worth bothering about? 


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It'll always be the B&Q Cup to me.

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Cant United's youths learning a lot and kicking on in their careers after losing on penalties to Fraserburgh. 

An utter waste of everyone's time and effort and sticking a wedge in the door for B teams 

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I am disappointed, but not surprised, that the clubs haven't seen fit to boot out the colt and Lowland league teams in retaliation for their nonsense recently.

Does this mean there will actually be 6 Lowland league sides involved? And what is meant by "B" teams?

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1 hour ago, Benidorm said:

No surprise it couldn't attract a sponsor either. Shithouse of a tournament organised by useless p***ks.

Quite literally given that Warren Hawke has slithered his way to the SPFL Trust. 

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21 hours ago, FairWeatherFan said:

I see they got the message from the OF it's not Colts or u20s/u21s anymore it's 'B' teams.

Could also suggest another relaxtion of the age restrictions?

Over the last 4yrs they've already raised the limit once or twice, plus allowed some over-age players, IIRC.

Also wonder if "up to 12" phrase implies the 'B'-teams will be permitted to opt-out.

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