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Dundee FC vs Kilmarnock FC & Kilmarnock FC vs Dundee FC

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1 minute ago, Robin.Hood said:

Dee record on plastic. 9W, 2D, 1L

Maybe you should install a plastic pitch since we seem to be losing two from the top flight 👍👏👍

On a serious note. I have been impressed with Dundee. Absolutely strolling this. Probably jinxed them now but they have been by some distance the better team over both games. Playing some very decent football. 

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10 minutes ago, Romeo said:

Absolutely delighted some Kilmarnock fans could get in to watch this. 

I'm gutted the rest couldn't get in to watch this!

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1 minute ago, RosspCfc said:

I'm honestly not looking for bites or causing a stooshie etc, just interested. What are folks reasons for hating plastic pitches apart from "football should be played on Grass etc"?

The games are usually terrible.

This one is outstanding though.

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Why do some people act like you must be a dinosaur or moron to dislike Astro pitches? Everyone can tell from playing on them that they are totally different to grass ones. I understand why teams have them but thinking they are crap/unsuitable for the top flight is a totally legitimate viewpoint. Completely alters the game in my view and I would prefer to watch (or play) on grass 

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