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Dundee FC vs Kilmarnock FC & Kilmarnock FC vs Dundee FC

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2 minutes ago, Ludo*1 said:

Remember Kris Boys said Dundee should sit back and McFadden said McPake was wrong to say we are quite good on plastic pitches? 

Fucking get it up yas.

Andy Walker is fucking gutted as well

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3 minutes ago, Mvondo_the_great said:

But wait. Isn't Thomas Wright the second best manager in the league?

Apparently Motherwell should have opted for him instead of Graham Alexander who led us from bottom of league to 7th equal 😛. So said many Perth Saints fans.

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Early days yet, but two years on from Steve Clarke’s “Bye, Bye Rangers” sermon as Killie celebrated qualifying for Europe (even though that was as good as it got for them seeing as they were humiliated at the first hurdle) it looks very much like it’s “Bye, Bye Killie”. 

Good luck ever trying to get three stands full of Killie fans again in the future, even if Covid restrictions allow it to happen.



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1 minute ago, roverthemoon said:

Imagine waiting 14 months to get in to see your team and this happens. Ouch

A defeat to Hamilton and getting relegated in the playoffs sandwiching those 14 months too 🤣

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Just now, Arch Stanton said:

What's this #TB4 patter?

Think it’s 4 teams in Scotland who have never been relegated of something. Celtic, Aberdeen, Killie and Motherwell?

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