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Another St Johnstone European Tour!

Steve McQueen

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3 minutes ago, Scotty Tunbridge said:

Is this defo on BBC Scotland tonight? The guide has updated to show the Celtic game is on but not this.

All good, although there may be some issues if the BBC show up at McDiarmid Park as advertised.


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MOH playing slightly deeper to run with the ball and get us up the park, with Kane winning free kicks to give us the opportunity to get Rooney, Davidson, Gordon, Kerr and Davidson on the end of a set piece.

Had forgotten Galatasary got knocked out by rangers in Europa qualifying last season, that brings them a bit more into a realistic level for us.  There's always the chance they click and give us a hiding with the quality they've got, but there's similarities with Rosenberg in terms of previously being a decent champions league group stage team who are on the decline. 

Would have liked to have gone into this with a couple more competitive games under our belt, as we're not into our stride yet, but it suits us being away first as a solid defensive display to keep the score line close gives us an extra week to click in the home leg.

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They are fucking shiting it.

There definitely is an air of nerves from translating their tweets. They’ve also chosen to take the bait on multiple occasions.
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3 hours ago, Slenderman said:

Mon eh fermers.


1 hour ago, Valentino Bolognese said:

I take this as being a genuine and affectionate message of support, so thanks for that. 

No idea why it would attract a red dot.


At a guess it’ll be frankchickens, he loves sniping away from the shadows with his red dots.

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3 minutes ago, Cardle is Magic said:

Where does this rank in St Johnstone’s biggest ever games?  

Give me some context.

Biggest game/tie in Europe without doubt given the history of the team and the potential rewards that await. 

I’d say cup finals rank higher though, a trophy in the cabinet is better than any game in Europe. Unless we win the thing obviously! 

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