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Gordon EF

Supporting Lowland League clubs against colts

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Last night, Lowland League clubs gave an indicative vote in favour of admitting old firm colt sides into the Lowland League for season 2021/22. 11 clubs voted for and 5 voted against. Assuming no clubs change their minds, this will pass at the Lowland League AGM next week.

There are plenty of threads on here discussing the merits or otherwise of colt sides in the Scottish football pyramid and this isn't a thread for this.

I'm trying to encourage all Scottish football fans from every club and every level of the pyramid who is against colt sides to commit to supporting those Lowland League clubs who vote against the colt proposal next week by attending at least one of their home games next season or buying a ticket via the donate a ticket website. The idea is to choose one home fixture for each club who votes against the colts and ideally, give them a sell out crowd (assuming we're allowed back into games by next season) and for those who can't make the game for whatever reason but still want to show their support, to donate online.

If this is a goer, I'll select fixtures where the Lowland League 'good guys' play against each other, once the fixtures are announced, and one home game will be chosen for each club. It'd be great to get out and show our moral and financial support for those clubs willing to stand up for the integrity of Scottish football and aren't willing to sell out their league for £3k. At around £8 per ticket, just 375 extra fans through the gate would be more than the OF are willing to pay each LL club to use their league as practice.

I've started a petition here: https://www.ipetitions.com/petition/notocoltsides

It'd be great if everyone willing to do this could sign it. It's a way to gauge numbers and communicate with folk who're interested. Hopefully, if it takes off, a few Lowland League clubs who indicated they'll vote for this might reconsider (I doubt it but you never know).

The good guys are: Bonnyrigg Rose, Bo'ness United, Civil Service Strollers, Dalbeattie Star, and Edinburgh University.

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