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2021 Scottish Cup Final (Hibernian v St.Johnstone)

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Congratulations Saints. A thoroughly deserved win and great from a Queens fans point of view to see Rooney scoring and Kerr, Clark and Kane all playing so well.

I  guess there'll be rioting in the streets of St Johnstone tonight

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1 hour ago, The_Kincardine said:

You're having a bit of a mare, mate.  No double jeopardy has been around for a couple of years.

Great saves from Macey, though.

You do realise that you benefitted directly from one of those decisions earlier in the season against Aberdeen? Or are you the one that doesn't watch games?

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Said to my mate at the start of the game that we would score two goals. First by Rooney and the second from a Porteous  mistake.   Odds would have been a lot better than winning two cups in one season…. 
This is mental!

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We ended up being really poor

1 )  the lack of players to clear the ball after the first great penalty save

2 ) too many players in the penalty area , none outside for the second ball

etc , etc


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29 minutes ago, Lebowski said:
1 hour ago, afc_blockhead said:
Ive had numerous Hibs fans tell me how incredible this Hibs team is.
Doig getting fucked over for the goal , Nisbett a non event , Boyles greatest contribution more diving and Jack Ross bottling another big game would suggest none of them are up to much.

I'll take your word for it, but I'm aware of zero hibs fans that think finishing third against the retarded step children like Aberdeen has even been an achievement. You're gash, and so is every c**t else in the league. Hibs finished third because we never had to punt our best players in January. That's it.



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Well done St J. Very much deserved. Something I don’t  think any other provincial team has achieved, although some statistician might prove me wrong?

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1 hour ago, Saigon Raider said:

Couldn't believe how comfortable it was. Out back 3 are unbelievable but Ali McCann today, coming back from having covid, to play like that was amazing. Going to be very tough to hold on to him.

Hibs out of ideas very early.

My 9 year old stayed up wil 10:15pm to watch til the end. He has no idea how lucky he is...I was 35 before we won anything!!

What a team emoji170.png

Australians, Canadians, what an international mix are St Johnstone...

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Congratulations to St Johnstone and all who sail in her! The better team won today.

Amazing achievement, i think we all knew it was written in the stars.

You can add us to your trophy cabinet this season as well 😆 you absolutely fucking own us now.

Absolute fucking joke our diddy set up couldn't allow fans to watch that , sitting here watching some non league shite at  a socially distanced Wembley!

Also, a fucking joke that Scouse twat got Manager of the year , an absolute travesty.

Enjoy the celebrations lads!



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