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2021 Scottish Cup Final (Hibernian v St.Johnstone)

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Congrats Saintees.
Said I thought they’d do it before the semi and no one is surprised that they have. Fully deserved winners of both trophies, what they’re achieving is something special. Delighted for them.
For me this is the greatest season ever by a Scottish club. The Old Firm seasons aren’t comparable due to the financial advantages they have always had over the rest of us. Even Aberdeen in the 80’s were a big spending club chock full of international players.
This is a fairly average team with an average top flight budget, but they’re so well organised and coached and have such belief. To win both cups and finish fifth with those resources is nothing short of phenomenal.
And for right back Shaun Rooney to score the winning goal in both cup finals, I mean...it’s basically Roy of the Rovers. Except this actually happened.

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Just now, Mark Connolly said:

Could be worse, at least you didn't have to be there

I would rather the SG don’t have fans back in stadiums than watch that performance every week. 

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Posted (edited)

Congratulations to Callum Davidson and the players, an unbelievable achievement for them. Biggest achievement from a Scottish club outside the arsecheeks since Aberdeen won the European double.

Enjoy it lads, it will quite literally never get this good again.

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1 minute ago, Comrie said:

Hibs have been terrible so far. At no point have St. Johnstone haven't really been under the cosh whatsoever.

St Johnstone back 3 have been immense. Doidge and Nisbet wanted no part of them.

An insipid performance from Hibs.


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Possibly the most inept cup final performance from memory. St. Johnstone played well, but Hibs, fucking hell.

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