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2021 Scottish Cup Final (Hibernian v St.Johnstone)

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1 minute ago, PauloPerth said:

How good a header that was from Rooney was matched by Kerr’s defensive header over his own bar from Boyle’s cross with Doidge looking favourite to get the leap over him.

Rooney’s goal, Kerrs defensive header, Zanders save,  Clarke watching this?

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Just now, The Marly said:
15 minutes ago, micaley68 said:
Probably [mention=15536]Honest Saints Fan[/mention] imo, he's the only saints fan in Dingwall.



Don't let gender assumption go unpunished Marly.


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Too passive, Boyle doesn’t look interested, players aren’t playing for each other. Each time St. Johnstone come forward I’m just waiting for them to score whereas we don’t have any real penetration

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5 minutes ago, sergie's no1 fan said:

Have you seen the Perth Saints this season?

They are the last team you want to give a goal head start to.

Hibs look like they don't have a clue how to break through that defence.

Admittedly not 😂 Think the last game I watched them properly was the League Cup Final

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1 minute ago, Empty It said:

What's with Shelley Kerr's serial killer gloves? Not one of those half time pundits looked comfortable in front of a camera.

It's like if Cruella de Vil shopped at George

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