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Raith v Dunfermline. Dunfermline v Raith

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3 hours ago, ribzanelli said:

Isn’t the guy lying with his feet on the 6 yard line and his head around 4 yards from goal playing him on anyway?

Not when the initial shot was taken.

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It is indeed Dom Thomas, number 23. He eased off beyond the end line while trying to prevent KMac’s cross and then dawdled coming back on, thus playing Vaughan unquestionably onside. Without Thomas, Vaughan is certainly in an offside position, but not gaining an advantage until the save by OFW, but at that point he becomes involved, and his previous offside position becomes relevant. For those wondering, if Thomas had remained off the pitch to avoid playing Vaughan onside, the referee would have yellow carded him and allowed the goal as Thomas would have been trying to manipulate the rules in an unacceptable manner. He just quit on the play, and it cost the Pars badly.
what on earth is this?
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On 08/05/2021 at 21:37, Rovers_Lad said:

TBF what MCGlynn has achieved with the Rovers on the budget in my eyes makes him more than just a decent manager

I wasn't casting dispersions on McGlynns' qualities in any way whatsoever, more comparing what he would achieve with our squad compared to the present incumbent. What I would say is that it's obvious when reading this forum after a Raith defeat that you guys also believe he has his limitations. He's a decent manager at this level. Always has been. Just have to see how he does if you manage to get promoted.

On 08/05/2021 at 21:47, roverthemoon said:

McGlynn is a fantastic manager. The quality of squad he’s assembled on the budget available is nothing short of astounding. 

What is his budget?

On 08/05/2021 at 22:45, Broken Algorithms said:

Complete opposite for me. I felt that we were stick on to get a result and had next to no nerves throughout the game which is unusual for a derby. 

I had no nerves during the game, as I've said before this plastic season can get to f**k. It means nothing to me without going to the games. I miss EEP/Starks Park/Central Park (too far?)

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Posted (edited)

I think our limitations as a team are more to do with the type of player we can afford rather than McGlynn.  Our defence is the weakest point, although to be fair they did cope pretty well on Saturday, but I’m sure if McGlynn had a bigger budget he’d strengthen that area considerably. If somehow we do manage to navigate the play offs and get promoted, I’d have absolute faith in McGlynn giving us the best chance possible of staying up. I also have faith that he’ll have us challenging again next year in the Championship, which is the more likely scenario. 

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