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The “Let’s all laugh at Falkirk” thread.

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I remember this time last year, every week the ramblings of Gary Deans would appear on Sportsound.

Then he came up with this classic club statement with the ending lines "As a club we must do what we’ve always done, let our performances on the pitch do the talking" 😀


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You can keep your Champions League, your English Premier League, the World Cup, the Euros.

Scottish fitba has it all. We are all 90minutes away from disaster!

My team may well finish the season with nothing, but you just accept the banter on here keeps us all sane. 

Tonight and probably the next few days Falkirk fans are just going to have to put up with a huge pile on from every fan in Scotland. 



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15 minutes ago, DA Baracus said:

Falkirk at the end of March, looking towards the Championship:

Revenge Of The Sith Prequel GIF

Falkirk going in to April:

star wars GIF

Falkirk lose to Airdrie. Then Cove. Then Peterhead:

Episode 2 Jedi GIF by Star Wars

Partick Thistle overtake Falkirk to win the league and seal it with a 5-0 pumping:

Obi-Wan Kenobi No GIF by Star Wars

Falkirk still have a shot at the playoffs though:

episode 2 jedi GIF by Star Wars

Falkirk do not make the playoffs after defeats to Montrose and Airdrie:

feels star wars GIF

Falkirk fans in hindsight after looking back at this shambolic month

revenge of the sith episode 3 GIF by Star Wars

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