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Falkirk vs Cove

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A bit dramatic to want them all emptied. Aye the vast majority are dugshite and are nowhere the standard required. But Mutch, Dixon, Morrison, Telfer and potentially Connolly are all players who are good enough and can contribute. It is pretty damning though from 20 signed players there’s only 5 I’d be looking at keeping.

Ever since the January window under Hartley the recruitment at our club has been absolutely horrendous. Even the last couple of windows under Houston it was appalling as well.

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1 hour ago, roman_bairn said:

You have said that before GB, and I guess I am a ‘biggest advocate’, on the basis that I wanted to give them as much time as possible to avoid another ‘start again’ scenario. It certainly had little to do with any great affection.
Thistle have given McCall time and it looks like it’s doing wonders for them. However it’s clear that M and M didn’t have the tactical nous needed and to needed to go after the last Cove game. So I’ve already stated they were not the answer.
Absolutely none of that is relevant to my view that the players we have - many signed by M and M - are a bunch of wage thieves and I want every single one of them emptied from our club at the end of the campaign.
That’s a major departure from me as I have been pointing out for three years now that we need to get stability back at the club. However, it’s needed as you need players that you can trust to try a fig if you are going to have any success, and these guys don’t remotely cut it.....

Agree with your first sentence completely. I thought it best to retain them while we were well clear at the top as, although we were shit, we were the best shit in the league and I didn't see any point in binning them at the time. Hindsight's a great thing though and, as it turned out, I was wrong.

I don't think we should bin all of the squad though, I think there are several players, i.e. Mutch, Dixon, Kelly, Morrison, Connolly, Keena and possibly Alston & Dowds that could do a job for us next season, if not as starters then as part of the squad. Would also give us some continuity which, as we've discovered in recent seasons, can be quite important.

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God help us we start Livingstone at left back and somehow Leighton plays. Rory and Connor Smith both on the bench.

We change to a 4-5-1 which I'm not a fan of either

Can't say I'm too optimistic going into this one

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50 minutes ago, Ecosse83 said:

Nothing wrong with 1 up front if you get the rest of the team supporting that 1 striker properly!

Oh, I agree with that, but I think they've already shown that they're not capable of doing so.

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