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047 John Gall: The pie man behind Darvel on American investment, floodlights & his grandad's secret Hurlford donation PLUS Kennie Young on the season's end

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Juniors are still dead no matter how much you bleat. You and your ilk sat on your hands and allowed your precious "grade" to wither and die based on a deluded sense of self importance. 
Let me drink your salty salty tears.
" the juniors are still dead " is that all the shite patter u have ?
every post ,same pish ,what bit aren't u getting, we're not junior anymore, it's called the west of scotland football league,we"ve left the junior grade as u call it !
My opinion on Darvel, for what's it's worth, good to see any club progressing and as long as it's legal and above board fair enough, u can only take at face value what people are saying unless u can prove otherwise?
and wether u like or dislike mick Kennedy ive never heard him disrespect another club unlike Darvel legend (even the name makes me cringe ) who disrespected many a club on here ,and he wonders why people gave him pelters ,it's called humility DL and u never had any !

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Not been on here for a while but after reading those last 3 pages then I can see why .If John Gall wants to pump his own money into a club then fair play to him .Whats the worst that could happen if he leaves with his money  the club have a new pitch, beter facilities  and foodlights to boot .I have met John a few times and never realy knew who he was at away games and he seemed a nice guy and most of all you could tell he enjoyed watching the football  .

The resentment on here for a team who are trying  to better themselves  makes me sick  

I for one just want a bit of normality in my life and one of them is watching a game of football on a saturday

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