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Tory Lies, Corruption and Hypocrisy- Add Them Here


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20 hours ago, Salt n Vinegar said:

Now I know why I don't like Mondays. 


(I know, different group, but the best I could do at short notice....) 


Never listened to his father.

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1 minute ago, coprolite said:

Arming the pretendy police with Tasers- sensible precaution or symptom of incipient facism? 


I had to Google ‘incipient’ and agree it’s the latter.

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6 minutes ago, Suspect Device said:

I take it we're not supposed to name him despite everyone knowing who it is?

Why would he get anonymity?  Won’t take long for the media to figure out who it is.

If you allegedly know who it is then spill the beans 

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1 minute ago, Lofarl said:

A reverse image search could show the mystery man.  Mark my words, someone will find out.

Is it Patel? 

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