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043 Jamie Sandilands: Whitburn leaving the juniors, 2 games in 9 months as a new boss, Lee McCulloch & Charlie Miller

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Hi everyone,

There might still not be any lower league football to watch but we do have some lower league football to listen to.

We have Whitburn Juniors boss Jamie Sandilands on the latest episode of the Down The Divisions podcast. The episode's synopsis is below.

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Thanks for all your support! 



043 Jamie Sandilands: Whitburn leaving the juniors, 2 games in 9 months as a new boss, Lee McCulloch and Charlie Miller

SO we thought things had been tough going in the West

Jamie Sandilands took up his first management role last May – but has since had just TWO games in charge.

The Whitburn Juniors boss had to wait until December for his first match in the dugout.

Then he saw the East Region Premiership South go back into lockdown soon after.

We’ll talk to Jamie about how he’s found his first year in management after 12 years coaching at Larkhall Thistle and Arthurlie.

We’ll find out why The Burnie are the latest club to leave the juniors - and why Jamie thinks they're a sleeping giant he's ready to awaken.

We’ll look back on Jamie’s playing career as a goalie which started in Motherwell youth teams alongside the likes of Lee McCulloch and Stephen Craigan.

There's making his debut for Carluke Rovers when he had a cut running from his ear to nose - and why he loved every moment of it.

Plus there's facing Charlie Miller at the age of 11 and why he gave away his cup loser's medal at Johnstone Burgh after defeat to...Whitburn!

Thanks to Sam Speirs for allowing us to play his The Claret & The Amber song again. Find out more on Sam at https://bit.ly/3sfibn3

We'd also like to give a quick mention to our sponsors FortyFour Creative. They have a team of highly skilled and passionate photographers, graphic designers, videographers and video editors to help promote your content, brand, organisation or event. They make creation personal. Find out more at www.fortyfourcreativehq.com

If you have any comments we'd love to hear from you. Likewise if you're at a club who would like your post-match audio featured on the show then do get in touch. You can email [email protected] or contact us through Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

It’s all here as we go Down The Divisions.

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