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Hibs vs Aberdeen

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3 minutes ago, Highlandmagyar Tier 3 said:

As I live on the city I take an interest in the local team.

"Take an interest" is an odd thing to say from someone who clearly has a hatred for Aberdeen. 

5th in League 1? Odd you obsess about Aberdeen 😁

How do you live "on" a city by the way? 

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1 minute ago, afc_blockhead said:

No need for consoling. Just pointing out i know this is a special occasion for Hibs. 

I can tell how excited you are. Fair play its a huge result for a club of your side 😆

big brother 17 forum GIF

Keegan-Michael Key Lol GIF by HULU


Blockhead, however - Doctor Who Reaction GIF

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8 minutes ago, Dave1875 said:

Blockheed and red23 taking this as well as we expected them to. Time for them to cry into a supper from the chipper (or a chippy as it’s known in more civilised parts)


Dont know how saying we deserved to lose a few times already suggests im taking it badly 😉

Beating a team every 2.5 years is a big deal to Hibs. I get that. You celebrate that third place 😉

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3 minutes ago, afc_blockhead said:

Hmm . Id imagine being 3 leagues down in the middle means being slightly shitter 

As i say youre inferiority complex about Aberdeen amuses me 👍

No inferiority complex. You think you are a big club. You are not. You need to wake up to that.

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