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Dundee United vs St Mirren, 27th January

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Big win, for all sorts of reasons. There's a slightly bittersweet taste considering we surrendered quite meekly against Livi, but no point in crying over spilt milk. United looked decent in patches, it has to be said, but their finishing was mince other than the fluke cross come shot that Harkes knocked in. He should have been shut down mind. That said I think that goal actually helped us. Tightened up our defending, realising they were still in this game, while encouraged United to push forward and leave spaces at the back, and boy did they leave them.

Obvs, Flynn should get a standing ovation. As most have mentioned, to still be embarrassing United's defence late on in a game when he's hardly kicked a ball in what seems an eon is quite something. I can imagine he'll be struggling to walk tomorrow unless he's spent overnight in an ice bath. His revival, if it is one, will have certainly come at a good time, and perhaps seals Foley's fate. Let's hope he doesn't have any negative reaction to his shift.

Apparently Mickey Mellon is putting a brave face on, and to be honest anything will be an improvement on the one he usually wears.

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Where to begin with that...... 

It's long list and I can't be arsed with it all, but special mention to Robson - really struggling with the step up in the divisions.

Some of our passing is beyond woeful.

Scoring 5-10 minutes into the second half should have been the catalyst to an all out assault on St. Mirren's goalmouth, but despite plenty possession it just never happened. We just don't have the quality to do it.  There really is something of a chasm in talent between the Championship and Premiership. Two successive home matches v both Saints have really proved that point for me.




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2 minutes ago, glenburn bud said:

Ryan Flynn not kicked a ball in first team football since that horrific injury about ten months ago, and he comes in tonight and played a blinder. What a man 😍 

I'm thinking after 75 minutes, 'right, he's been great but his race must be run by now'.

Nah, silky wee b*****d gives it another 10 mins and THEN decides it's about time to go on a 50 yard lung bursting run and melt a few players down the flank at a point where most folk playing their first game in 10 months would have been dying.

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18 minutes ago, RossC93 said:

What a result, not a poor performance in a black and white shirt.

Can we play against Connolly every week?

I had a wee smirk to myself when I saw Connolly starting and Siegrest on the bench...gave me quite a lift.

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1 minute ago, captainkev said:

In fairness, despite how important Siegrist has been this season, no-one is blaming Deniz for tonight.

My point is more about how much Siegrist bails out your defence, I consider Deniz a decent keeper but not near Siegrist.

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