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Dundee United vs St Mirren, 27th January

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5 minutes ago, Billy Jean King said:

Superb response. Flynn and Durmus superb as was Connolly when he came on but MotM by a mile Ethan Erharon. Boy has taken some stick but he strutted around that park like The Kaiser tonight. And well done Goody, needed changing and he did just that.

Aside from 10 or 15 minutes at the start of the second half when he tried one or two things just a wee bit too cute for my liking under pressure, he was immense.

Said it in the St. Mirren thread, put him deeper, don't try and make him a creator. The boy breaks things up effectively. Swap him and JDH and we're onto a winner.

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Easy win for St Mirren, obviously fully merited. United fans will point to how poor we were, especially the passing side of the game, and lack of movement in midfield, oh, and the poor defending.


But the Buddies were exceptional all over the pitch, much better than I expected, and a far better looking squad than ours. 


Can't understand why we didn't use more substitutions. 

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2 minutes ago, mishtergrolsch said:

Its boring as f**k but Mellons Murderball generally works better with this mostly Championship level squad.

It's the strong likelihood of a back 5 combined with Clark, McNulty and Shankland all starting too that really depresses me. Having all 3 of them on at the same time is not the solution to our struggles to create chances. I'm far from Bolton's biggest fan, but Mellon should have taken one of them off instead of him tonight.

As for 2nd half as a whole, only surprise there is that we scored.

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1 minute ago, Aladdin said:

Tight game that could have gone either way. Couple of bizarre decisions from Beaton leaving United with the legitimate claim to having been cheated.

Hope our midfield dynamos take heart from an otherwise strong performance.

I mean, one of the penalties was a bit iffy (the second one) but you surely jest that you think we were anything other than comfortably better tonight?

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