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13 minutes ago, Richey Edwards said:

RicheyEdwards and Dieharddoonhamer draw through insufficient material.

Good game. It was quite attritional. A draw was a fair result.

A very long and attritional game. The analysis suggests I should really have won it twice, both times giving away dominant positions with blunders. Frustrating, but one to learn from, I guess. Well played, I enjoyed that.

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Round 5

The_kid1433 v PnBMathematics

Away win for Mathematics via checkmate. I think the kid will be annoyed with his last move, wee bit of a blunder which gave me the win.

Yup, wasn't paying attention and really made an arse of it.

Cheers for the game.
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3 hours ago, Stellaboz said:

Mackieboz beats hammysgetinpumped in the Seaside league. Gg.

Just as I thought it was getting interesting too couldn't believe I missed you queuing up the check! Well played!

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1 hour ago, Karpaty Lviv said:

I’m clicking on Create Challenge and then random then copying and pasting the username but it’s saying there’s no search results coming up.

I'll send you one 👍

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DieHardDoonhamer defeats Paakman01 by resignation. A game I dominated, tbh, which was nice. I missed 2 checkmates (it was the same move available in consecutive turns), which is a bit frustrating, but it was still just a matter of time until I found it again.

Good game!

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