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The Pie and Bovril Dead Pool 2021

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Week 39 update

One death this week, the actor Robert Fyfe: Robert Fyfe obituary | Television | The Guardian


Robert Fyfe, who has died of kidney disease aged 90, was an actor who found fame in middle age as Howard Sibshaw, the henpecked husband furtively stealing away from his wife, Pearl, to enjoy bike rides with the flighty Marina, in the long-running BBC TV series Last of the Summer Wine.

Their sojourns provided viewers with panoramic views of the beautiful Yorkshire countryside. The characters also brought another layer of humour to the long-running sitcom, created by Roy Clarke, alongside the antics of three childlike old men led by Peter Sallis’s retired lino seller Clegg.

Robert was born in Kirkcaldy, Fife, to Mary (nee Irvine) and Douglas Fyfe, a watchmaker. Classical music and opera were loves of his as a child, when he thrilled at the voices of Kathleen Ferrier and Isobel Baillie on visits to the town. He also had a love of acting that flourished at Kirkcaldy high school in plays such as Emlyn Williams’s A Murder Has Been Arranged (1948), when one local newspaper critic commented on his role as the murderer: “He seemed to me to live the part, which I think is the sign of the true artiste. He had the audience in stitches with his gestures and expressions.”

Although he began a degree in English literature at Edinburgh university, Fyfe abandoned it when he had the chance to train at Esme Church’s Northern Theatre School, in Bradford, graduating in 1954. He then toured with her Northern Children’s Theatre before stints with repertory companies, including three years at the Castle theatre, Farnham (1957-60).

As ever with an actor, I have a look to see what they've been in. The only thing I've seen is The 51st State, but I'm more alarmed at the fact that Last of the Summer Wine lasted 25 years and 295 episodes. A different time you could say, if it hadn't lasted into 2010.

Fyfe died at 90 so he's worth 35 Base Points. He was a Solo Shot for @Savage Henry for a bonus of 50 and a total of 85 points.

As a result, the standings look like this:

1. Ned Nederlander 713
2. Savage Henry 429
3. Fuctifano 420
4. psv_killie 413

5. Indale Winton 332
6. Bishop Briggs 327
7. Arch Stanton 270

8. Aim Here, Ludo*1 255
10. Lofarl 243
11. choirbairn 240
12. pub car king 238
13. senorsoupe 236
14. JustOneCornetto 233
15. buddiepaul 223
16. sparky88 221
17. expatowner 217
18. ICTJohnboy 216
19. gkneil 203
20. Sherrif John Bunnell 198

21. Arbroathlegend36-0 196
22. Willie adie 180
23. Bert Raccoon 179

24. cdhafc1874, lichtgilphead 167
26. doulikefish 163
27. qos_75 162
28. ThomCat 161
29. HI HAT 160

30. chompmyroot 158
31. peasy23, sleazy 156

33. stanton 149
34. The DA 146
35. El Guapo 141
36. weejack 138
37. jimbaxters 130
38. Billy Jean King 128

39. lolls, Mark Connolly 120
41. Curmudgeon 118

42. Arabdownuner, Enigma, speckled tangerine, Sweaty Morph 112
46. thistledo 108
47. Amandajoan 103
48. Bold Rover, D.V.T. 102
50. dee_62 101
51. amnarab 91
52. Lex, The Hologram 89
54. Cardinal Richelieu, mathematics 86
56. 101,  nessies long lost ghost 84
58. BillyAnchor, weirdcal 83
60. The_Craig 81
61. Raidernation 77
62. Karpaty Lviv 76
63. Blootoon87, Perkin Flump, Sergeant Wilson 70

66. CountyFan 67
67. LoonsYouthTeam 62
68. theportman, TxRover 55
70. Busta Nut, cambozpar, djchapsticks, Duszek, Empty It, Salvo Montalbano 52
76. Bulbasaur, coprolite 51
78. Ben Twilly, tamthebam 44

80. Eednud, gingette, GTG_03, Melanius Mullarkey, microdave, mozam76, paulathame, Shotgun, The Master, The Naitch, thisal 26
91. Everyone else 0

The spreadsheet has also been updated with these scores: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1-OTo44wF_W7A4Q0NFnd1sX3qEDdxTLDobvjhhSgnzkg/edit?usp=sharing

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Natabay Tinsiew, from Eritrea, has allegedly died at the age of 127, and even got a writeup in the Daily Mail. The age is unverified and the Guinness Book of Records aren't giving him an entry (yet), but if the reported age is right, this guy would have scored negative points, in the absence of bonuses.

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