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The Pie and Bovril Dead Pool 2021

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Week 25 update

One death this week, former Zambian president Kenneth Kaunda: Kenneth Kaunda: Zambia's first president dies aged 97 - BBC News


Kenneth Kaunda was one of the pioneer leaders of a new Africa, as countries threw off colonialism in favour of independent statehood.

A man of great personal charm, he was hailed as a modernising force in the continent despite his initial rejection of the concept of multiparty democracy.

As a committed pan-Africanist, he began the task of building a new Zambia, free to determine its own way in international affairs.

But poor economic management caused his popularity to plummet, and he was voted out of office when free elections were held in 1991.

Kenneth David Kaunda was born on 28 April 1924 at a mission station near the border between what was then Northern Rhodesia and the Congo.

Honestly, it's worth reading the whole lot: Kenneth Kaunda: Zambia's independence hero - BBC News

I will give you some pictures though:

Martin Luther King & Kenneth Kaunda in 1960

Zambian President Kenneth Kaunda (L) welcomed by Cuban President Fidel Castro in Havana, Cuba.

Kaunda was 97 when he died, making him with 28 Base Points. He was a Solo Shot for @Bold Rover for an extra 50 and a total of 78.

As a result, the standings now look like this:

1. Ned Nederlander 503
2. Savage Henry 344
3. Fuctifano 259
4. Bishop Briggs 241
5. choirbairn 240
6. Lofarl 193
7. Ludo*1 173
8. buddiepaul 172
9. doulikefish 163

10. Indale Winton, pub car king 152
12. ICTJohnboy 150
13. senorsoupe, stanton 149
15. psv_killie 147
16. The DA 146
17. Arch Stanton 141
18. JustOneCornetto 139
19. sparky88 135

20. lolls, Mark Connolly 120
22. HI HAT 116

23. Arbroatlegend36-0 113
24. peasy23, sleazy 112
26. chomp my root 108
27. Amandajoan 103
28. Bold Rover, D.V.T. 102

30. dee_62 101
31. Willie adie 94
32. Bert Raccoon 93
33. amnarab 91
34. Lex, The Hologram 89

36. Cardinal Richelieu, jimbaxters 86
38. 101, Billy Jean King, nessies long lost ghost 84
41. weirdcal 83
42. cdisaaccie, lichtgilphead, The_Craig 81
45. Raidernation 77

46. gkneil 69
47. Sweaty Morph 68
48. CountyFan 67
49. LoonsYouthTeam 62

50. thistledo 58
51. El Guapo, theportman, TxRover 55
54. Busta Nut, cambozpar, djchapsticks, Duszek, Empty It, Salvo Montalbano, weejack 52
61. Bulbasaur, coprolite 51

63. BillyAnchor 39
64. Aim Here, Curmudgeon 32

66. Arabdownunder, Blootoon87, Eednud, Enigma, gingette, GTG_03, Karpaty Lviv, Melanius Mullarkey, microdave, mozam76, paulathame, Perkin Flump, qos_75, Sergeant Wilson, Sherrif John Bunnell, Shotgun, Speckled Tangerine, The Master, The Naitch, thisal 26
86. Everyone else 0

The spreadsheet has also been updated with these scores: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1-OTo44wF_W7A4Q0NFnd1sX3qEDdxTLDobvjhhSgnzkg/edit?usp=sharing

Edited by Miguel Sanchez
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Between the gun-running, whalefucking, drugs, dubiously-aged floozies, and suspected murder rap and generally extravagant sleazebucketry, I always thought John Mcafee was the type of guy to die in a last stand Scarface-style shootout with Latin American Drug Cops. It seems a bit anticlimactic for him to quietly conk out using a prison bedsheet.

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