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Celtic vs St. Johnstone

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Disappointed not to win that, first impression of their goal is that it could've went anywhere,  total fluke.

We're some fucking team though. Genuinely just lacking some luck, as it feels like most goals against us are just completely bollocks moments that come from ping pong deflections landing at folks feet perfectly, and that today.

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3 minutes ago, ZX1886 said:

I would say that Lennon can’t survive this but I said the same last week and the Celtic board proved me wrong.

I mean, seriously though, there's no way he survives this right?

I think I'd make Killie favourites next week if he stays.

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Just now, Steve McQueen said:

Other than his miss against Motherwell, Kane's been pretty good recently?

Maybe unfair, but TW seemed to have him pigeon holed a bit as the "back up striker", as in he was told to do all the work so someone else gets the glory.

This season its like he's been told to just go out and be a striker.

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Just now, senorsoupe said:

Seems incredible that Neil Lennon is still in the job.  I can't remember any group of players regressing this much in the space of less than a year.

The curse of 10 in a row continues

Must win every game or the manager has to go.

The greatest fans in the world. 

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