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Celtic's Next Permanent Manager

Who will be Celtic's next permanent manager?  

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I don't like conspiracies but I can't decide if this is self harming or straight up sabotage. What an utter disgrace of a situation to find themselves in and this has nothing to do with being Celtic, its just shoddy practice. 

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I guess I am swimming against the tide here, but I'd say Howe deciding against the job says more about him than Celtic. He was almost guaranteed European football every year, with the obvious chance of Champions League now we currently have 2 representatives. He'd have been given the green light to gut the team and bring in players capable of competing. The only person he'd effectively be up against in terms of finances, squad size and quality, and facilities are Rangers and Gerrard - I'm not dismissing the best of the rest to cause the OF problems but you know where I'm coming from here. To me this is Howe saying he's not up to that challenge.

Sure, Celtic have chased him, I've not followed the saga at all, and I'm sure there is some fun to be had regarding that, but yeah... the underlying thing here is that it seems Howe doesn't believe he can be a success despite all the advantages he'd have going for him.

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1 minute ago, scottsdad said:

If he was *always* the preferred candidate, why talk to Howe at all?

No matter who is eventually given the job, everyone knows that Celtic will say that "X" was the only candidate and they've never offered the job to anyone else.

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17 minutes ago, Ocular Patdown Required said:



14 minutes ago, Ocular Patdown Required said:

Just realised I've been done there, it's a parody account


10 minutes ago, Merkland Red said:

I thought you knew and had the rod out. Didn't want to spoil your fun.


Yet interestingly, the official Raman tweeting account has just posted that Kennedy is very much still in the frame.

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43 minutes ago, Mr. Alli said:

There's rumours that it was all agreed and the folk he was waiting on - his own staff - have all knocked him back and he isn't willing to take it without them. 

Yeah seems to be the case which is really is unthinkable that despite being in contact with Howe since April we are only just now approaching his team to get a decision. 

The Maresca ship has also sailed so f**k knows what happens next. 

Either way the club are going to have to dig fucking deep to pull something out the bag.

Lucian Favre was apparently an option on the back burner but I don’t know what the f**k to believe anymore 😂

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Guest TheJTS98

The backroom staff angle seems extremely unlikely. Surely that was either Yes or No'd ages ago. If not, Celtic should have walked away months ago. Seems more likely that Eddie Howe is the 21st century David Ginola. String Celtic along for ages then bugger off somewhere else for more money after Celtic helpfully keep him in the papers for ages.

Some boy.

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