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Partick Thistle vs Falkirk - Will anyone remember the 7th of November?

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Should have been 2 with that Dowds chance. Absolutely everything we do goes through Morrison, excellent signing so far but you have to worry where our creativity would come from if he got injured.
Thistle look alright in parts, Spittal and Williamson looking good down the right and we'll need to tighten up the midfield to stop giving them that option.

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Nice play by leitch to turn away from his man then past the decent full back.

Dowds [emoji86] FFS

Morrison clearly our main threat again. Would like us to have someone on Doherty. He's always got time to get the ball down and spread it wide.

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Can't be missing open goals like that, although that bit of play by Leitch was more or less the only bit of football we've played so far. 

Everything Thistle are getting is down the right with Cardle & Williamson, need to nullify that. Central defence have been fine though, need to keep it up!

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Dismal first half performance from us. Majority of the team looking uninterested, the goal looked offside in the build up, but it was still a ridiculous goal to conceded. We throw away a big chance in a game we are playing shite in with the penalty miss. Falkirk should have killed the game moments before half time no clue how they didn’t. 

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20 minutes ago, Falkirkfan1985 said:

The guy only has one tone...sounds like he is reading the news

Like our commentary 😗

Morrison has been superb today, only worry is that we have same hunger in 2nd half.

Thistle don't like to pressured, a lot of their players seem to want an age to control and pass the ball. I'd be worried if I was a thistle fan, we at least had slight up curves with McKinnon then shite the bed, I don't think upturn is in that squad.

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