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Aberdeen v Celtic

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1 minute ago, Mr. Alli said:

You literally wrote "Aberdeen fans should be content because after the game we are able to look back and see the guy who gave away the penalty that resulted in an equaliser against Glasgow Celtic was incorrectly allowed to remain on the park". 

I didn’t literally write that, no. They were saying he should have been off before then, so in the end it worked out for them that he wasn’t. I think we are going round in circles here tbh.

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It’s unusual to get three penalties in a match and not one of them is even slightly contentious. I’m not in the Duffy and McGregor should have been sent off before the last penalty camp, but McGregor should definitely have received a second yellow for the deliberate trip on Connor McLennan for the penalty. Nice to see today that Duffy is a £40,000 a week carthorse who most certainly can’t play in a back four. Celtic are seemingly paying his full wages. Wow.

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Was a really good game. Bodes well for next weekend, should be a cracker.

Celtic's complete lack of shape means that every game just turns into a game of transitions for both teams. Celtic will still win plenty of games doing this because you simply have better players than everyone else, and that'll shine through most times. But it's nowhere near as efficient as playing in a structured manner, and you'll drop points over the long run. It reminds me a lot of Caixinha's Rangers.

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9 minutes ago, Chairman Mao said:

Neil Lennon really is a clueless buffoon. Why on earth did C*ltic reappoint this imbecile? 

Because the 'ra & Uncle Peter getting his bonus & the tax dodger getting his Stud Fees paid. Easy option to get the matching jaikit brigade distracted for the last 2 things to transpire, then remind said jaikit brigade of the 1st thing & theyum & all will be well.

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What the f**k is that meant to mean?

That I’ve heard it all now, usually get the ‘if that happened up the other end it wouldn’t/would’ve been given’ shite most games but a ‘if that happened before 1995 we wouldn’t have got it’. Wow.
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I thought Mcgeough going off was a big cause of us being pinned back for the second part of the first half. I was delighted that mcinnes didn't try a more like for like replacement with Ojo. 

Good to see Cosgrove back. A couple of run outs to get his sharpness back and we could be formidable. Barring injuries of course. 

Scott Wright's dribble before the second pen was a work of art. 

Ferguson, Hayes, Hedges were all top drawer. 

Collum got most things right. Couple of harsh handballs against celtic, not sending off mcgregor at the second pen and completely missing Duffy's assault on Lewis aside. For the foul on cosgrove we had 11 men behind the ball, which was in Celtic's half- no way we can claim that led directly to the goal. 

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