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20/21 League Cup Group E


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18 minutes ago, Grant228 said:

That's nice, teams we haven't played as much in recent years. 

Aye I don't mind drawing Dunfermline from that aspect. Rest of it is pretty meh from our side though. Before todays draw, Killie were the only side we had previously drawn against more than once since the group stage format came in so a little bit boring getting them (and now Dumbarton) again, although we gave Killie a decent game in the 2 previous meetings.


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Looks a potentially tricky draw from our perspective with no teams from League Two and potential banana skins in the mix. Since we've faced both Clyde and Dumbarton in recent years it's a bit meh there, but getting Falkirk and Dunfermline is a bit of fresh air. We probably have the advantage for the first couple of games in that we're playing now and all 4 other teams will be starting around October, but that won't be as big an issue in the later group games. 

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Would like this to come down to some kind of big occasion between Kilmarnock and Falkirk - a trusted formula...

On a more serious note, this is a draw I was pretty concerned by at first, because each could potentially be a banana skin - however, with us being scheduled to play 10 league games between now and this, and the other four clubs scheduled to play zero, it'd surely be a gigantic disappointment for any Premiership club not to top the group.

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Only possible positive from this draw for us is if we get Falkirk and Killie at home for decent gate money. 

Not sure how well Dunfermline fans travel nowadays. They certainly used to travel well, brought a good crowd down for that abandoned scottish cup game around 2004.

Dumbarton will bring their standard 30 or so.

(All of the above dependant on crowds being allowed into games obviously!)

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Tuesday October 6
Dumbarton v Dunfermline Athletic, 7.45pm
Falkirk v Kilmarnock, 7.45pm

Friday October 9
Dunfermline Athletic v Falkirk - Premier Sports, 7.45pm

Saturday October 10
Clyde v Dumbarton, 3.00pm

Tuesday October 13
Falkirk v Clyde, 7.45pm
Kilmarnock v Dunfermline Athletic, 7.45pm

Tuesday November 10
Clyde v Kilmarnock, 7.45pm
Dumbarton v Falkirk, 7.45pm

Saturday November 14
Dunfermline Athletic v Clyde, 3.00pm
Kilmarnock v Dumbarton, 3.00pm

Good to get a couple of games in before playing killie but would have preferred them in the November game.  Friday night game vs Falkirk could get interesting.

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