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Mighty Montrose FC Thread

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Has there been a decision made regarding our kit for next year?
I initially liked the trad all blue effort but the blue and white has grown on me. It looks continental, the kind of thing that somebody like SV Darmstadt 98 would wear.
I've not seen anything about it no. I guess they'll wait until this season completes before announcing.
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12 hours ago, Brummo said:

Never say never.  Let's see how tonight goes. The Airdrie game was a setback not a disaster.

Okay, that could have gone better. Onwards and let's hope for a better result than William Wallace had.

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Good luck reaching the play offs! Petrie has really brought you lads up to a position I'd honestly never thought I'd see Montrose. No disrespect, but it's felt for years like you were the next East Stirling or there abouts and suddenly you're about chapping on the championship door.

Montrose and Arbroath there next season? Would love to see it.

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1 hour ago, The Gable Endie said:

The dream continues. I didn’t have the opportunity to watch the game, but hopefully we have a similar result against partick on Tuesday and put in the the same performance. (If it was any good that is!)

We did you a favour in beating EF so I hope you can beat Thistle and I hope  we can keep up our winning streak over Falkirk.  There have been surprises over the last few days so I am not predicting anything now. Best wishes

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Think Thistle will defo play a good few fringe players..Blair Lyons being one...is there anywhere to view the game from outside the ground. 
You can watch from the wall behind the goals at the Beach End, but bring a step ladder.
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