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Hertz (Bad Guys) vs. Dees (Good Guys) Friday 16th October

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23 minutes ago, Mr. Alli said:

Anybody else brickin' it? 

Really looking forward to the game as at least it will give us an idea of where we are at and what to expect going forward. A win would be great to get us off to a flyer and get the feel good factor but would take a draw! Total guesswork of course and we could equally get scudded but quiet optimism my end.. 

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48 minutes ago, The Tackle said:

I'm surprisingly calm for tonight's game. Hope Ann has booby trapped the stadium Home Alone style, for the arrival of Nelms.

If she does it as well as she handled the fight to avoid relegation then I fully expect Neilson to get a paint can to the face and your new CEO's hat to be set on fire...

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5 minutes ago, Green Day said:

Is there a sweepstake for when Hearts get their (first) penalty?

I am going 13 minutes

I would say 2 pens, on minutes 19 & 86.

I'm Kidding.

Hearts have already paid a penalty, a perfectly good challenge by Nelms in the spam box.

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Briefly wrote about how both teams look going into this season in my first ever published article. Feel free to agree or disagree with what I’ve written about you both and any kind of feedback would be appreciated. 



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