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21 hours ago, Bigmouth Strikes Again said:

You lot happy with Neilson? Must admit, he didn't impress me. If it wasn't for Shankland, the DAB's had f**k all.

What else did they need? Setting up chances for their striker to score seemed to do the job quite nicely. 

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Shankland hid lots of deficiencies.
They had easily the best squad in the league and bought pretty much an entire new starting eleven yet completely relied on shankland to dig them out of holes most weeks.
They played us at eep and looked a different standard. 3-0 going on 10-0 then within a few months we played them away and flung the game away to give them a win. We were the better side tbh.
Reckon you will have spells like this and have to rely on your best players to dig you out of holes rather than good tactical management.

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  • 2 months later...

Hearts 6* - 2 Dundee


COMPREHENSIVE GUBBING of "title challengers" Dungdee gets the cakewalk off to a RELATIVELY PLEASING start. Tactical MAESTRO Robert Neilson appears to have sussed that scoring goals against the plumbers and posties who make up most Chumpionship defences will be EFFORTLESS for the Gorgie Galacticos. 

See you next Friday for the next stage in the title procession. 8)

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31 minutes ago, Exiledjag said:

As A Jag thought Hearts were fantastic! Just think there is another 6 points to be won and at least 8/9goals to score against this two faced, back stabbing club! 

A prospect that has me positively TUMESCENT, friend. greggy.png&key=7f8775ddacdfc6ac2f82b53a0 All the best to fellow freedom fighters Partick Thistle FC this season. 

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Arbroath 0 - 1 Hearts

The silly fish men were ruthlessly SMOKED by the day-trippers from our nation's capital. It was WIGHT SUPREMACY that made the difference at Gayfield, as Derek "gosh it disturbs me to see you" Gaston was made to look like a PRIME RUBE by a DELICIOUS lob from what must have been forty yards. 

The juggernaut rolls on. 8)

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1 hour ago, Tony Wonder said:

I'm not sure I get the analogy? We have 6 points out 6, that's not stalling.

I assume it means Dunfermline fans are posh mouthed tories.

My maw lives in Dunfermline and is a posh mouthed tory btw.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hearts 2 - 1 Inverness Caley Thistle

Yet another CAKEWALK in this pub league for the 2020-2021 Champions, and an unbeaten season now seems ALL BUT INEVITABLE.

I note with DERISION that Dungfermline are next on the chopping block, and one almost hopes that Hearts decide to show mercy for the sake of those already living INTOLERABLE FIFE LIVES. 

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  • Tynie Bagstock changed the title to OFFICIAL HEARTS JUGGERNAUT THREAD 2020-

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