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Amateur Leagues - Comparative strength


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I'm writing a wee simulation program that will allow the simulation of any match between any Scottish club (Senior/Junior/Amateur).  I'm using last seasons' points per game where available - got most of the leagues (Perthshire is missing as they seem to have deleted last year's tables, and the Glasgow Colleges website is down). Doing this just for fun - I plan to simulate an all-in Scottish Cup with every team in Scotland.  No problem getting info about relative strengths of amateur leagues (Scottish Amateur and Highland Amateur Cup results) - but I'm a bit stuck concerning comparative strengths of amateur and junior/sernior football.

Afternoon: Caledonian/Central Scottish/Scottish/Ayrshire/Greater Glasgow Premier
Morning: Glasgow Colleges, Strathclyde & District, Glasgow & District, Strathclyde Evangelical Churches

Caledonian/Central seem to be the best, then maybe Scottish/Ayrshire and GGP, with the morning leagues coming under this.
How do the top tiers of these leagues compare with the ex-West Juniors?  Some on a par with Tier 4 of the juniors?  Better?  Some worse?

Lothian & Edinburgh, Kingdom of Fife, Perthshire, Stirling & District, Border, Midlands
Morning: Dundee

Lothian & Edinburgh/Kingdom of Fife/Stirling seem to be the best, then Midlands, Border, Perthshire and the Dundee Saturday Morning League
How do these teams compare with the EoS League?  On a par with the bottom tier?  Better?  Worse?

Aberdeenshire, Inverness & District, Skye & Lochalsh, Caithness, North West Sutherland, Orkney, Shetland, Shetland Works, Lewis & Harris, Uist & Barra

Aberdeenshire clearly the best here - but how does it compare with North Juniors?  Is the top tier as good as the bottom tier of the juniors?
What about the summer leagues (all the rest)?  How do they compare with the North Caledonian League or the Highland League?


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13 hours ago, NewBallsPlease said:

In my opinion the SSMAFL is ‘behind’ only Ayrshire, Caledonian and CSAFL.

In last 3 seasons, this has been the number of clubs who have reached the Last 32 of the Scottish.

1= Central Scottish: 18
1= Caledonian: 18
3 Ayrshire: 13
4 Lothian & Edinburgh: 9
5 Stirling & District: 7
6 Scottish AFL: 6
7 Strathclyde Saturday Morning: 5
8 Midlands: 5
9= Kingdom of Fife: 4
9= Glasgow Colleges: 4
11= Glasgow Saturday Morning: 2
11= Great Glasgow Premier: 2
13= Aberdeenshire: 1
13= Dundee Saturday Morning: 1
13= Perthshire: 1
15= Strathclyde Evangelical Churches: 0
15= Border: 0

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