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Investment in womans game


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So, in light of the recent news that £250k was going to be given to the womans game, many people were rejoicing. The SWF came out and said it will help ALL levels of the game. I'm sure many people at many clubs were excited to hear of the small financial help they would be getting. Well.........


Turns out the SWF only deem SWPL clubs worthy enough for the cash and those below the 2nd tier can basically piss off. After sitting at a meeting guaranteeing there would not be a "them and us" situation within the game, that is exactly what has been created by this decision. For years the SWF have looked after the "big guns" and this is just further proof. Why are certain teams entitled to this "gift" than others? It's well documented some of the budgets that certain teams were operating on this season, a case of the rich get richer!

I for one welcome investment in the womans game, but when it is used in a fair and beneficial way. Not a way that creates rifts and hostility. Hopefully the SWF will have a change if mind, or at least have the grace to explain. I wont hold my breath however.

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