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League Placing Predictions

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Why dont you just go back to your own League, where hopefully you will crash and burn from.

That’s the beauty of a multi league football forum.


I have just as much right to be in this part as you do


Why all the hatred towards the Rovers as well? They’ve done absolutely nothing wrong

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Considering the league might not even go ahead, this is a complete guess but I’ll give it a shot 

1 - Thistle

2 - Falkirk 

3 - Airdrie 

4- Cove 

5 - Montrose 

6 - East Fife 

7 - Dumbarton

8 - Clyde

9 - Forfar 

10 - Peterhead

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6 hours ago, Rovers1992/1993 said:

1 Airdrie
2 Clyde
3 Cove
4 Dumbarton
5 East Fife
6 Falkirk
7 Forfar
8 Montrose
9 Partick Thistle
10 Peterhead

Alphabetical order works for me!

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18 hours ago, roman_bairn said:

1. Falkirk
2. Thistle
3. Cove
4. Defunct
6. Defunct
7. Defunct
8. Defunct
9. Defunct
10. Clyde

Come on now, the guarenteed points against you lot should have us 9th.

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