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The Dundee United Thread 22/23

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3 minutes ago, Mark Connolly said:

If that happens, it's a fucking guaranteed defeat to the Dees in the playoff

Woah its bad. But it isnt that fuckin bad 🤣

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The single best adjective I can think of to describe that is... boring.

Fox loves the 352, which puts a fair amount of the attacking intent on the wingbacks - McMann and Smith. So... 😴

Middleton is ostensibly meant to play off Fletcher, but they combine as often as oil and water.

Then we brought Pawlett on to save the day 🤣

Whatever happened to young Cudjoe? He could at least provoke some excitement.

But at least we didn't release one of our most creative players to a team higher in the league than us without replacing him. Could you imagine? 🙄

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We are in deep trouble. Yet another shitebag performance away from home. Can't take any solace from our game in hand as it's at Livi and as a club we seem to thrive on having a plastic pitch to use as an excuse for a gutless showing.

Fox has one game plan and that's it. If that doesn't work then we're fucked. He'll swap Sibbald or Djoum at the 55-65 minute mark* and finish by chucking on a 16 year old with less than 15 minutes left. Oh and Cudjoe's not worth bringing on, but Niskanen and Pawlett are.

*Necessary tonight. Djoum after half-time looked as bad as the initial few games where he was miles off match fitness.

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10 games to the split. Hearts and Cream Buns games are damage limitation frankly. Of the other eight:

St Johnstone, Aberdeen, St Mirren, Hibs, Livingston home.

Ross County, Livingston, Motherwell away.

That ‘Well game will be huge. Lucky our away form is so good this season.

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20 minutes ago, ArabFC said:

Was Jock doing the Killie home stream? FFS, I was listening to our retards. 

No offence lads... you're just really really really really shit commentators!

It's 2023, mate. You might want to ditch that particular epithet. 

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I'm usually positive in my outlook but that was absolute garbage tonight.

I've given Fox praise when it's been due, but tonight he deserves to be slaughtered.

I don't consider myself a master tactician; I've never played football professionally and I just don't get excited by the intricacies of football tactics.

However, even I can see how playing three incredibly slow centre backs together at the back and an old striker who doesn't move too much up front means that there will be huge gaps for the opposition to exploit. Result? Killie have something like 700 attempts at goal.

Absolutely fucking basic stuff.

The only positives were Macleod and Pawlett. Pawlett gets a lot of flack but unlike the rest of the midfield he actually gets the ball further up the pitch rather than passes it sideways or backwards.

We do have a game in hand and we are fortunate to gave good form at home and a team on the same points as us in absolute freefall, but we are currently bottom.

Massive alarm bells should be ringing and if I was Mark Ogren, I'd be seeking expert advice from someone to come in and assess what's going wrong. If it's Asghar - and for all the criticism he gets, I'm sure most of it is because the hive mind have simply decided they don't like the cut of his jib - then he should go. If it's a coaching thing, then that needs sorted.

But something has to change.

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4 minutes ago, Mr Meeker said:

The Morrissey guy that says thank you is always funny. Devastating repartee. To be fair, they absolutely would beat us, but won't have to. Straight down. There is a light that never goes out.

Behave. Their best player still wouldn't get a game for us.

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