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The Dundee United Thread 22/23

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29 minutes ago, Shadow Play said:

There lies a bigger problem.  If you bring in a new manager do you allow Watt and Mulgrew to remain at the club and just pretend it didn’t happen?  Neither player is as good as they appear to think they are.  Again though, it would take a fair bit of money to get them both out the door.

Exactly, this is determined by whether or not the rumours are true, you can't allow players to effectively police what they do on thr pitch or who the club employs. Most of the guys at our level will require jobs in thr real world when they retire and when they donthey are in for a hell of a shock! If they get away with it once, they'll do it again. As said all of this is if this is definitely true.

Mulgrew is decent, as is Watt, but you're correct that they, especially Watt, have a higher opinion of themselves tham those looking in do. In Watt's case you feel with more application he could be a fantastic player, rathen than an inconsistent very good player.


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32 minutes ago, parsforlife said:

But you wouldn’t expect a dedicated DM to have to cover huge amounts of ground.  Indeed it’s often a position where players with experienced players with good instincts but lacking fitness often play. 

He gets caught on the ball, dithjers and holds into posession too much. He also started the game against Hearts at DM. It wasn't pretty.

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1 hour ago, Tannadeechee said:

Goodness knows if it is or not, but that is the rumour. Mulgrew,Watt and Clark laughing about at halftime warm up hasn't gone down well with some of the support.

There is something very rotten at the heart.of the playing side of the club at the moment. Never seen so many allegedly professional players, look like they have given up, chucked it and can't be arsed as you see in the park at the moment. No mattter who yout boss is and whether you like him or not professional pride comes into it and you still do your best. Not really finding anyone who fits that bill to be honest. That is not absolving Ross of his mistakes.

I've seen nothing from these players previously to suggest that they are bad eggs (Watt aside, maybe). No doubt the relationship is fucked but if everyone has fallen out with the boss, or his methods at least, then it may simply be that the boss is wrong. Against Celtic you need to be organised and well drilled. With the best will in the world the players can't do that on their own. These things are down to preparation during the week. 

The team that started today had nine players from last season. Last season's team were incredibly well drilled defensively. This team look like they've  barely met each other before. 

Part of that may be because they don't like or trust the manager but if they aren't being properly prepared then what chance do they have? And, if Ross is properly preparing them but they still don't trust him then just how obnoxious must be be. If they hate him, why do they hate him?

Anyway, it doesn't really matter who's at fault. One of the parties in this mess needs to be replaced and you can't change the entire squad.

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1 hour ago, mishtergrolsch said:

The only other explanation is hes been informed that hes getting no more dosh and the party line from Fat Tony is that "we're happy with the squad, Jack".

Either explanation is pretty worrying imo.

He's signed loads of guys. If he wanted a defensive midfielder then he's had ample opportunity to get one in. The only explanation is that he doesn't/didn't want one. He's signed four central midfielders and only one shows any inclination to sit and protect the defence. That guy's barely had a snif in recent weeks. Seems quite clear that Ross doesn't see this position/ role as a necessary component of his team.

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