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The Dundee United Thread 22/23

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3 minutes ago, skinny arab said:

Not on Twitter, heard from a friend who has connections within the club. Still only rumours at the moment, awaiting confirmation. 

Looking at the Sky interview he doesn’t sound like he’s going to walk.

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24 minutes ago, invergowrie arab said:

I don't want him sacked for losing 9-0 but I do question what his managerial skills are.

110 minutes into the AZ game and we level. 25 minutes later the tie is over.

He said he expected a reaction and we are a goal down after 60 seconds v Hearts.

f**k knows what he did at half time today and v St Mirren but it clearly didn't work.

There's players in that squad now, who for whatever reason , are not playing to their potential. Mulgrew, Watt, Levitt, McGrath and Edwards are all well off it and others are too. 

Anyone can see 4 of the 5 above are being directly affected by the lack of a DCM.

What happened to Butcher? 

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The manager is ultimately responsible for what happens on the park, but I’ll stick in the minority. I’m not calling for his head - not yet.
I’ve been part of teams who have collapsed when things went against us and part of teams that have fought for everything. Personally in a game like this - rightly or wrongly - I would’ve been kicking fcuk out of any oppo player I could get near. We had 1 booking today - in the 2nd minute.
Moulding a team takes time and I’m not convinced there’s anything that any new manager could do to stem the sort of collapse that has happened from the players on the pitch in recent weeks.
You could blame him for the players he’s brought in, but I (and many others) have been broadly happy with the recruitment.
So I’m at a loss. The performance at home to AZ was one of the best in many a year, and I want more of that - not the eye-bleeding fitba of the last few years.
But performances like today are unsustainable.
Thankfully we’ve got a league cup game in midweek to change our focus and then Motherwell next week.
The team needs to stand up over the next couple of games, or change will come. It’ll have to.
But please, for the love of God, get the chequebook out and sign a DM.
This might hold a bit more weight had you not spent the last season berating a manager who got this squad into fourth place. I hope you're just being deliberately contrary, as the alternative is quite scary.
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11 minutes ago, Jacky1990 said:

Is Ross the biggest example of a managerial one season wonder?


2 minutes ago, Thenorthernlight said:

Derek McInnes ?

To be fair Derek McInnes did win a major trophy with Aberdeen as a manager.  Am I not correct in saying Jack Ross has only won the Championship as manager?  Remember, even McPake managed to manage a team out of the Championship via the play offs.

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22 minutes ago, Jacky1990 said:

Is Ross the biggest example of a managerial one season wonder?

Don’t think he’s a one season wonder. He did well at both Alloa and Saints but he had a dodgy start with us, and really only turned after January window. 

Initially he did OK at Hibs and Sunderland too. 

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