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The Dundee United Thread 22/23

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9 minutes ago, Theyellowbox said:

That is some signing by United. With the greatest of respect to Utd, what the hell is he doing back there? 2 year deal means if you want to cash in, you get a year of him at best, but miles better than a loan etc.

Fortunate timing I guess.

If the World Cup hadn’t been given to Qatar or the Welsh hadn’t have qualified he may have went somewhere else.

But he knows his performances have been noticed and he knows he’s guaranteed a game so this is the banker move for this key point in time for him.

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45 minutes ago, invergowrie arab said:

Aye but mine was the turning point. A month previous to that we were away to win the league.

f**k, right enough.

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1 hour ago, Granny Danger said:

McKay’s scoring record with us wasn’t too bad was it?

Compared to McNulty last season then McKay, in a team that got relegated, was prolific. However, the abiding memories of McKay though were the sheer number of chances he missed, particularly one-on-ones with goalkeepers. His numerous misses in the 2-1 defeat to Hamilton in November 2015 and the Scottish Cup semi-final against Hibs always jump to mind.

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